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“Lost in Los Angeles” in Weltkunst

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In March 1935, from his temporary home in Sanary-sur-Mer, France, the German-Jewish novelist Lion Feuchtwanger published an open letter in the exile newspaper Pariser Tagesblatt 마이크로소프트 마우스 드라이버 다운로드. Addressed to the current resident of his former villa on Mahlerstrasse—now Regerstrasse—in the Grunewald in Berlin, a villa which had been confiscated along with Feuchtwanger’s bank account by the Third Reich, the letter poses a seemingly innocuous question in the most withering of tones: “How do you like my house, Mr Download the removal of km player ads. X? Do you find it pleasant to live in? Did the silver-grey carpeting in the upper rooms suffer while the SS-men were looting? The carpet is very delicate, and red is a strong color, hard to take out.” »

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“There’s Still No Word for ‘Memoir’ in German Publishing” on

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It was a surprising preempt for the German book market—Ayelet Waldman’s A Really Good Day, her memoir of LSD microdosing (Penguin Random House, January 2017)—sold a few weeks before Frankfurt after interest from nearly a dozen publishers, according to the book’s Berlin-based subagent Elisabeth Ruge Download minecraft 0 12 0 apk. An account of Waldman’s experimentation with therapeutic microdoses of LSD to combat destructive mood swings, the book is by nature revealing, not the least because it plays out against the backdrop of her family life with her husband, the writer Michael Chabon, and the couple’s four children dlc file. »

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“Betwixt Jobs” on


In August of 1992, just after college, I moved to Portland, Oregon, lured by a single Nike ad created by Wieden+Kennedy. (That plus seemed so cool.) I never actually applied to work at Wieden+Kennedy — too lofty a realm for me, and anyway, the boyfriend with whom I’d moved had made fun of my advertising aspirations Pretty mouse pointer. »

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